4 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

by Leanne Marchand


Thinking about renovating or decorating your home? The question of hiring an interior designer may have crossed your mind. It's a tough choice as it adds to your project's costs. However, in the end, hiring a pro could be the best decision you ever make, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.


Create The Vision 

One of the main reasons to hire an interior designer is to help bring your vision to life. Oftentimes when clients start out on a project on their own, they may have an idea in their head of what they want their space to look or feel and most they have been creating pinterest boards. However, without having a clear vision and all the details thoughtfully curated before you start executing can cost you, making decisions you may regret along the way. There are so many things to consider when pulling a look together and an interior designer can help you bring the whole vision to life!


Saves Time 

Hiring an interior designer can save you a lot of time. Sourcing all the elements that go into your design is a total time suck!  Designers have resources at their fingertips and can use their years of experience to tap into places on the world wide web that maybe you didn’t know about! Time is a precious resource and we know our clients do not have a lot of it, so hiring a professional to take care of decorating your most sacred place…your home is in my opinion worth every penny.

Decision Making 

There are a lot of creative decisions and so many details to consider that go into a home redesign project that you might not even be aware of when you start your project. As the design moves on, the amount of choices and decisions that need to be made can start to take a toll! Having an expert to take all this on can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Working with an interior designer is like having a creative team mate ready to help you through all the challenges faced when designing your home.

Saves Money 

There really is a cost to bad design and that comes when you either make a decision you don’t like or make a decision that you get sick or you purchase a piece of furniture you purchased that doesn't function well in the space. Working with an interior designer you can feel more confident you are making the right choices resulting in time and cost savings.


 About Me 

My love for design started at a young age, as long as I can remember I have been in pursuit of expressing myself creatively.


Throughout my professional journey I have channeled my creativity into the Canadian fashion industry, guiding luxury brands through visual display and interior styling. This experience has fostered so many valuable skills, from spatial planning, storytelling and my keen attention to details, which has truly been a catalyst for my unique perspective today.


In 2022 I responded to my growing passion for interior design and deep-rooted drive for entrepreneurialism, launching Leanne Marchand Studio. This online destination for thoughtfully selected home décor alongside my signature pillow collection reflects my deep love for design with intent and story, encouraging my community to nurture and invest in their spaces.


Today, I am committed to serving others. I believe that interior design improves the way we live and is an expression of who we are and what we love.  I am dedicated to the relentless pursuit of beauty, curating meaningful objects that infuse purpose into our surroundings. My mission is to explore the profound impact of homes on our daily lives, inspiring clients to craft spaces that truly reflect their authenticity.

If you have a bedroom, living room or powder room in your home you are ready to transform I would love to hear about your project! I am offering a exclusive rate on design packages that cover my 5 step design approach for the month of July.