5 Timeless Interior Decorating Ideas For Your Living Room

by Leanne Marchand

When it comes to decorating ideas for your living room there are SO many online resources to pull from which can be entirely overwhelming.

Decorating is often synonymous with trends, but at Leanne Marchand Studios we stay away from things that are in & out of style within a week and focus on creating timeless personal spaces reflective of your personal story and style.

Designing a home can be expensive and following trends on big ticket items can be costly and wasteful when you get sick of them or the trend has passed. 

We believe very strongly in having an overall vision for your space. It is ok if your room is not put together overnight …these things take time and need to be  thoughtful so having a north star to guide you can keep you on track when making decisions. 

That said, here are 5 timeless interior decorating ideas for your living room or any space in your home to keep in mind that you could implement now and won’t go out of style …


Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years and while you might consider this a trend, we believe it is timeless and here to stay.  


Wallpaper can be a GREAT way to add visual interest to a space that is lacking in architectural details! If you have a blank slate of 4 plain drywalled walls then this solution might be for you.   


There are SO many more options then there were in the past with endless selection from bold florals, moody murals or textural grasscloths. 

Incorporating patterns and textures into your living room with wallpaper, especially when complemented by other prints, can add so much interest!.  We prefer seeing this treatment used on every wall in a room,  however,  if you aren’t too sure, you could start with a smaller room like a powder room or an accent wall in a bedroom.  Our favorite treatment is grasscloth..it adds a subtle layer of texture that is the perfect backdrop to add art.


Image; Heidi Caillier Design





Create Texture Using Textiles 

Another timeless decorating idea is using TEXTILES.  One of the first things I think about when designing a space are the soft materials. I may be biased cause I love textiles SO MUCH but I believe that they are one of the MOST important elements in a room. 

Textiles can be the elements in your space where you integrate colour and pattern, add texture and layering, create focal points, soften a space, just to name a few reasons to love them. 

In particular I love sourcing and working with vintage textiles to create something truly unique! At Leanne Marchand Studio we love to layer textiles giving any opportunity to incorporate them into window treatments, ottomans, rugs and sofas.


Image; Bunsa Studio






Layer Lighting 

It's difficult to pinpoint the single most important element of a room, but if we had to choose one (other than textiles!) investing in high-quality light fixtures or vintage lighting  would be at the top of the list.


At the studio we really are not a fan of harsh overhead lighting and prefer to incorporate lighting into MANY different sources throughout the space, creating a more moody and inviting atmosphere.  From table lamps, to floor lamps to wall sconces…you can never have too many.  And always remember that whatever choice you make to make sure to have everything on a dimmer. Having a glowing light will not only make you feel good but will make your guests feel good as well!


Our favorite material for vintage lighting is anything ceramic! There are SO many unique designs from the 60’s and 70’s that add such a conversational element to your space. 


A great place we like to source unique lighting can be places like Etsy or Charish






Another element that should NOT be overlooked or rushed in your living space is ART.  Art plays SUCH an important role in adding texture and colour to your room as well as creating visual focal points and providing personal visual self expression. 


Art is never an afterthought at Leanne Marchand Studio and is always considered from the very beginning of a project. 


This can be an overwhelming proposition to consider especially if you have never stopped to reflect on what you might like, or you are unsure if you will make the right decision. 


The beauty of art is that it is completely subjective and while there are ways to tie it into a room in a balanced way, picking the “right” piece should be a personal process that might take some time and that is OK. 

Image; Lostine Home 






Wood, wood, wood!

Adding natural materials has a classic and timeless design aesthetic that doesn't rely on passing trends. The beauty of wood grain, stone, or the natural texture of a jute rug is that these elements fit well with a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.


Wood is having its MOMENT right now being seen in interiors in a huge way but in no way do we think of this as a trend. 

Image; Freudenberger Design Studio 

Traditionally people have thought that all wood grain in your room should match. This is no longer that case! A modern approach is to use different complimentary wood grains to create more interest.  


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